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Bluehost Basic VS Plus – Which One Should You Choose?

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With Bluehost being such a well known hosting provider, it’s easy to see why they’re able to offer people great prices for there services. Let’s Examine Bluehost basic vs plus. They host over 2 million websites and are widely recognized for the quality they provide.

The reason Bluehost has grown exponentially since they were founded in 2003 is that they give their customers more than just hosting – They also provide them with a range of other services such as themes and outstanding customer support.

In this article, we will cover the benefits of using Bluehost as your hosting provider and discover which plan is best – Bluehost Basic VS Plus.

Bluehost is more than a hosting company. They guide you every step of the way when setting up your website – They even offer managed WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting means Bluehost will ensure that all the boring technical stuff is taken care of and those great WordPress plugins are kept updated.

If you sign up with Bluehost, you’ll also get a range of other ‘freebies’ that will make setting up your website a piece of cake. Let’s take a look at them below:

SSL Certificate

image of a SSL security lock symbol

Regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll get free access to an SSL Certificate for your websites. An SSL Certificate is a key factor when it comes to ranking your website on Google. It acts as a digital certificate that authorizes your website in the eyes of search engines.

Websites without SSL certificates are deemed untrustworthy and considered low quality in Google’s eyes. 


a man drawing a upward trend graph

When choosing a web hosting provider, you want to ensure you have the option to upgrade to a more exclusive plan in the future. This is because after you reach a certain number of visitors a month, you’ll need a higher tier plan to handle the increased traffic demand.

Free Google Ad Credit

Bluehost offers there customers $100 free Google Ad credit when they spend $25 on the platform. This is a great bonus if you’re looking to start an E-commerce store or affiliate marketing website. This offer is only available to people in the US/Canada who are new to Google Ads.

Bluehost Basic Plan Overview

basic bluehost plan features

The basic plan is the most affordable hosting plan offered by Bluehost. This is a great option for somebody who knows they’ll only need one website. However, being the cheapest option also comes with downsides, such as less security and storage than the Bluehost Plus alternative.

Although it comes with some negatives, you’ll still get to experience great benefits that other hosting providers don’t offer, such as a free domain for one year, custom themes, and great customer support.

You can also sleep well knowing that your website will not experience any downtime as Bluehost is known for there great uptime scores.

Something to keep in mind is that you’ll only receive 50GB of disk space on the basic plan. Disk space is the amount of data that can be stored on your website. Most websites are made up of HTML, which doesn’t consume too much space. However, this is something to keep in mind if you’re looking to expand your website in the future.

This plan will allow you to create up to 5 email accounts. These email accounts will be branded and be able to store up to 100MB of data. This is great when you’re starting out, but after a while, you’ll run out of storage and will need to upgrade.

We recommend choosing this hosting plan if you’re a complete beginner and haven’t hosted a website before.

Bluehost Plus Plan Overview

bluehost plus plan features

The Bluehost Plus plan is what we recommend out of the two options in this article. Alongside a free SSL certificate, free CDN, and one year of free domain registration, you’ll also get a whole load of other benefits.

The first and most obvious benefit is that you’ll be able to host unlimited websites on this plan, meaning you can create other websites in the future without the stress of upgrade your hosting plan. You may think you’ll never need more than one website, but things change, and it’s always a bonus to have this option.

To go with your website’s professional feel, you’ll most likely want to create a personalized email that is branded with your domain name. Bluehost makes this easy by allowing you to create unlimited email accounts on the plus plan – Each one of these email accounts has unlimited storage.

With this plan, you’ll have access to SpamExperts. This tool will check incoming mail and flag emails for spam. This is great for protecting you from hacking and phishing attempts.

We recommend sticking with this hosting plan if you’re looking to host multiple websites. It’s also a great option for beginners because it allows you to expand to more websites in the future without having to upgrade.

Which Plan Should You Choose

an arrow on the street pointing in two directions

This depends entirely on the type of website you’re looking to create. If your goal is to create an E-commerce website that brings in 10 thousand or more visitors per month, you should stick with the Plus Plan.

On the flip side, if you’re looking to start a small blog that gets 5000 visitors a month, then the basic plan will cover all your needs.

Another thing to consider is that Bluehost charges its customers upfront for 36 months if you want the best deal. You do have the option to pay monthly, but the prices are considerably higher.

Conclusion & Final Verdict of
Bluehost Basic vs Plus

One of the most important things to look for when it comes to hosting is the level of customer support they provide for their customers. At some point, you’ll need to contact customer support about something – Welcome to the struggles of owning a website.

Luckily BlueHost is known for there outstanding support, so you have nothing to worry about there.

Out of the two options discussed in this article, we advise you to stick with the Plus Plan as it offers the most benefits for your website.

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