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do i need sitelock security on bluehost

Do I Need Sitelock Security On Bluehost

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Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly popular each year meaning more and more people are having their websites hacked and important data stolen. So we ask do I need Sitelock security on Bluehost for my website?

Here’s a bar graph that shows the growth of cybercrime over the years…

bar growth showing growing cyber attacks each year

(Graph Is Measured In Millions)

You also need to consider the fact that cybercrime is up 600% due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There couldn’t be a better time to make sure your website is secure – That’s where Sitelock may be able to help.

Sitelock is a software that offers customers a layer of protection shielding them from malicious attacks. It runs daily, ensuring your website is completely free from harmful traffic and attacks. If it detects something unusual, it’ll block it from causing harm to your site.

Benefits Of Sitelock


A great benefit of Sitelock, which is often overlooked, is it will prevent your SEO from becoming affected. This is because if Google finds out your website is injected with malware, it will stop ranking you on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Trust Badge

If you decide to purchase a Sitelock plan you’ll get a trust badge displayed on your website. This is great if you’re a new E-commerce store because people can be skeptical about giving out their credit card details – Especially on a new website.

Risk Score

In the Sitelock dashboard, each website will have a risk score. This is a score that determines how likely your website is to be compromised. It is based on what information you have publicly available such as email addresses.

Live Chat Support

If you have any questions regarding Sitelock or your website’s security, you will get access to a 24/7 live chat option to help solve the issue.

So Do I Need Sitelock Security on Bluehost

This depends on your circumstances. Previous customers have said Sitelock is not essential, and when their website has been infected, they have not helped resolve the issue.

Instead, they have tried to charge people more money to remove the malware. Our advice would be to see if you can find some alternatives to use.

If you’re using WordPress as your CMS (Content Management System), you can find more affordable plugins that do the same thing. Below are some great alternatives for WordPress users.

Alternatives To Sitelock For WordPress Sites


Sucuri is the ‘King Of Security’ when it comes to keeping your WordPress website secure. They give you an option to ‘harden’ certain areas of your website, making it harder for hackers to infect your site with malware. They do this by adding certain rules to the .htaccess file on your website.

You have the option to set up email alerts, which will warn you if malware has been found in the code of your website.

This software comes with three plans to choose from. The first is the basic plan, which will scan your site every 12 hours. If Sucuri finds anything suspicious, they’ll remove it free of charge. You’ll also benefit from SEO and backlink spam protection. 

Next is the pro plan. This plan will scan your website every 6 hours. It includes everything in the basic plan plus other features such as SSL certificate support. 

The Business plan is the most expensive but will bring the most benefits. It will scan your website every 30 minutes, detecting threats in a short period of time. Detecting malware as fast as possible is important when dealing with hackers.

They also offer an enterprise plan which covers unlimited websites and can be designed according to your requirements. However, we recommend sticking with either the basic or pro plan unless you own a portfolio of websites that are bringing in substantial traffic.


Wordfence is a close second to Sucuri in terms of security. The great thing about this plugin is it’s designed specifically for WordPress websites. It’s completely free and comes packed with loads of great features. 

As well as standard attacks, WordFence will also protect you from specific attacks whereby hackers directly target WordPress themes and plugins.

You‘ll also benefit from ‘Brute Force Attack Protection’ if you decide to use this software. Brute force attacks are where hackers attempt to login to your WordPress site by guessing the password – This is typically done using a generator.

You can even block specific IP addresses, Browsers, and hostnames. WordFence also has a feature allowing you to block crawlers that could be trying to steal content from your website – You have the option to toggle this feature on and off.

If you choose the premium plan, you’ll get the added bonus of seeing if search engines have blacklisted your website for spam, malicious content, or security issues.

IThemes Security Pro

IThemes Security Pro is our third favorite option for WordPress security. This software also provides you with brute force protection limiting the number of times a user can log into your website. This will stop hackers who use a generator to try and guess your password.

When hackers break into your site, they will most likely change a file and infect it with malware. While IThemes Security Pro will prevent this from happening, if the hacker does succeed, you will receive email alerts warning you a file has been modified.

IThemes Security Pro will also prevent hackers from scanning your site for vulnerabilities by locking them out if they produce 20 404 errors in 5 minutes – This is great for preventing attacks altogether.

Something that really stood out with this plugin is it allows you to put your WordPress site in ‘Away Mode.’ This will prevent other users from accessing your WordPress dashboard at certain times throughout the day.

Conclusion & Outcome

We recommend staying away from Sitelock unless it’s absolutely essential and you have no other alternatives. This is because the overall vibe towards Sitelock has been negative.

However, each experience is different and you may find Sitelock to be great security add on when hosting through Bluehost. We just believe that it should be used as a last alternative.

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