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is bluehost domain privacy protection worth it

Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Worth It?

Domain Privacy Protection can be purchased from web hosting and domain registration companies. It prevents you from getting bombarded with spam – Domain Name Privacy is a paid add-on so keep that in mind.

When registering a domain you’re required to provide your name, address, and email in the sign-up process. – This is so the domain can be attributed to a specific owner. This information is stored in a public library called Whois which is open for public view. This exposes you to spam, cybercrime, and identity theft.

How Does Domain Privacy Protection Work?

If you’re not a fan of your personal information being out there for the world to see, you may want to think about adding domain privacy protection when registering your domain. 

When you select this add-on, your information will be changed to either the hosting or domain name provider’s details.

What Could Happen If You Don’t Get Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection?

Is Bluehost domain privacy protection worth it? We’ll let you figure that out. Let’s take a look at 5 things that could happen if you decide against purchasing domain privacy protection.

1. Unwanted sales calls and the possibility of getting scammed

a calendar with the writing sales calls

We try our best to be understanding but cold callers can be an annoyance especially when they don’t let you hang up the phone. With all your information so widely available, it isn’t rare to receive spam calls from companies trying to sell you stuff – Could you imagine having to deal with these calls 24/7? 

You’ll also be a target for phone call scams. With all your information available it wouldn’t be hard for someone to convince you they’re someone they’re not.

2. Your Website Is At Risk

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Building your website isn’t an easy job. It takes time, effort, and a range of other skill sets. What if somebody could take your website and make it their own? It may seem unlikely but this is the goal of cybercriminals. 

They aim to break into your website and transfer the details into their name. Having your details out there for these criminals to see dramatically increases the chances of this happening.

3. Your Personal Information Can Be Sold

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The most obvious thing that happens is your personal information being sold to companies for advertising. An example of this was in 2019 when Facebook was fined 5 Billion for sharing user’s personal information without their permission.

4. Spam Emails

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We already get enough spam emails as it is. The last thing you want is to provide spammers with information that’ll lead to even more unnecessary emails.

When a spammer wants to spam, the first place they go is public directories – Get Domain Privacy Protection that’ll protect you from these emails.

5. Your Competition Are Watching You

a road sign that says 'competition'

This is something that is overlooked by most small business owners. The less your competition knows about you the better. This is why it’s important to cover your back with Domain Privacy Protection. 


While it’s not essential, our advice is to ensure you have Domain Privacy Protection.

Chances are you already have it as it’s normally auto-selected when you purchase a domain name. You should double-check to make sure though – If you forgot to select Domain Privacy Protection when registering then don’t worry – You can activate it at any time for a fee.

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